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Meet Our Executives

Rhonda Klch

Executive Director

Lisa Strahs-Lorenc

Director of Operations

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Stephen Klch

Head of Community Development

Steven Cera

Head of Business Development

About Our Advisory Board

Board of Directors/ Advisory Board:

Our Board is comprised of Long Island Elite business professionals that cover a wide scope of financial services, legal and accounting services , human services, economic development and other relevant areas.

The Board of Directors has voting rights and assist in making imminent decisions in regards to the direction and financial well being of the organization.

The Advisory Board is responsible for generating ideas, implementing programs and assist in function and flow of the organization.  The Board of Directors and Advisory Board meet once a month to discuss current operations, programs, fundraisers, grants and community outreach opportunities.  The meetings provide updates on all current programs related to the three areas of focus and address concerns, feedback as well as provide open forum for new ideas.

About Our Comittees

EFF Committees:

EFF has multiple committees which include education, fundraising, grant writing, event planning, community outreach and sponsorship.  Committees are comprised of industry leaders, community members as well as students.

About Our Speakers Bureau

EFF Speakers Bureau:

EFF has over 35 Long Island business professionals that volunteer their time to educate our audiences.  The speakers are screened for level of experience, ability to engage with the audience, content and professionalism.  Once a speaker has been approved, their resume, profile and required licenses are maintained by the corporate office.

Volunteers & Internships

Volunteers / Internship:

EFF works with volunteers and inters starting as young as 3rd grade.  Our volunteers assist with a variety of community project’s that are age and ability specific.  Our volunteers and internship programs record the hours of participation and are documented and can be used as a basis to fulfil community service requirements.

** For a list of Board Directors please contact us.