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Rhonda is a consummate professional who knows her industry. She is well-spoken, cares for her clients and is tenacious. She doesn't oversell, doesn't panic or take her client's panic personally. Recommend Rhonda highly!

I have known Rhonda Klch for 2 years. During that time, I have found her to be knowledgeable and honest in all of her dealings. She handles short sale negotiations and loan modifications, as well as helping clients with credit repair and budgeting. I have referred a number of clients to her who were in great distress over their financial situation, and I have always received positive feedback. I know that I can recommend her services to any client in financial distress less.

Rhonda is a true professional that looks out for the best interest of her clients. She works hard at finding the best solutions and making her clients shine. Whenever referring a personal friend or client to Rhonda, I am confident in her ability to take proper care of them.

Not only have I had the pleasure of having Rhonda help me out of a couple financial situations, I also have had the opportunity to work by her side. She is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most hard working, honest professional in her field. I often give her referrals and am always amazed of what her and her staff can do. Thank you Rhonda.

Rhonda has been an asset to my clients. Her knowledge and professional work With budgets and loan modifications have saved my clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I would recommend anyone who would like to or needs to repair their financial situation, they will be extremely happy with Rhonda's work.

Rhonda is a person I find to have a sincere sense of integrity. She is warm, caring and brilliant. I highly recommend booking an appointment to see how her years of experience can be beneficial to you.

I have worked professionally with Rhonda over the last several years with great success. Rhonda and her expert staff were able to pull together a very large pipeline of files of mine, on the fly, and get the job done both with great expertise and tremendous personal service to the client. Has a vast knowledge of financial services and a great network to assist. Highest recommendation.

Rhonda and Equity First Foundation helped one of my borrowers recently get the house of their dreams! They had a ton of derogatory information on their credit report. After I sent them over to her, she walked them through and got their credit score up substantially. Not only was almost all the negative information removed, but she explained to the borrower how important credit is. She has been a great asset to myself and everyone I have referred to her. I would definitely recommend her again!

I highly recommend the professional services of Rhonda Klch from Equity First Foundation. In the areas of debt settlement, credit enhancement and mortgage modification, Equity First Foundation should be everyone's first phone call. Rhonda and her team deliver excellent client service and are tremendous referrers of business as well.

Rhonda is a fiercely bright financial whiz and quick on her feet. She is a creative and thoughtful advocate for her clients, and has been instrumental in helping my office in a variety of projects and cases.

I would reccommend Rhonda to everyone and have already sent co-workers and friedns to see her about their Mortgages. She is very Knowledgable and did a great job finding a program that worked for me.

Rhonda is a detail-oriented, multi-tasking, efficient person who always has time for her employees. She gets to the office before us, leaves after us, and inspires us all with her hard work and relentless enthusiasm. Anyone who works with or for Rhonda is really lucky to have access to a tremendous reservoir of knowledge and a business professional of true quality.