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  • Dan Henry
    Volunteer Daniel Henry, 17 of Mt Sinai volunteering at an event at Dockers Waterside

    Each committee member agrees to uphold to the highest standard when representing the organization. We select the members based upon their dedication to adhere to our mission statement. The committee members each have goals and timelines for their designated projects. The committee meets once a month ( or more based upon an upcoming project ). Our committee is made up of various individuals from all ages and backgrounds. We encourage relationships and community development and share ideas to empower others.

    Volunteers Needed:

    Coordinator for Events and Tradeshows: This committee specifically has the ability to run a team, delegate and handle responsibilities. The committee Coordinators are innovative, motivated and excited to brand our organization and take the time to meet with other partnering organizations. This committee can attend / set up meetings on our behalf, handle sponsorship's and help facilitate decision making in reference to the shows and events.


    Office Assistants: This position is for someone that would like to work in an office environment. Responsibilities include : sending mailers, calling donors, setting up appointments, emailing organizations, working on our calendar of events.

    Grant Writers and Researchers: Not for profits survive on the donations and grants received ( fundraising ). It is critical that organizations have the most current information, statistics and industry knowledge. The responsibility of this volunteer is to research grant opportunities, call on possible donors, write proposals and create relationships.

    Organizing Fundraisers: Fundraising is a great way to bring money into the organization and brand your mission statement. The people that volunteer in this area are responsible for reaching out to business, communities, schools, and other organizations that would like to hold a fundraiser on our behalf.

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